Magda and Damian

Krayna is Magda and Damian, a married couple who decided to create an independent, high-quality vegan cosmetic brand in a place that one can only see in movies. Krajna truly exist and its a place free of industry. It is a beautiful, pristine land full of lakes, meadows, and fields where we met long ago and where our children are growing up today.


Magda's skincare routine simple and effective

Magda is not only the co-founder of Krayna, but also a mother of two children Monica and David were a great inspiration for creating a brand that operates according to sustainable development principles. This stemmed from the need to create cosmetics that are safe and work sustainably for the environment.

In her skincare routine, she follows simple principles. She loves cleansing oils, massages, and deeply moisturizing creams. Being a woman in her 40s, it was important for her to develop the Anti-Aging Apple Stem Cell Serum, which uses potent plant-derived active ingredients with multifaceted effects. She is highly involved in formulation creation, with a particular emphasis on cosmetics that bridge the gap between science and nature, without which Krayna would not exist.