Krayna - cosmetics for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin tends to react over-sensitively to different types of external and internal factors. They are characterized by specific features, which may include:

 Overactivly: Sensitive skin is very prone to allergic reactions, irritations, and inflammation compared to other skin types. Redness, itchiness, or a feeling of tension or pain occurs frequently.

 Thin protection barrier: The protective layer of sensitive skin is often thinner and damaged, which leads to a greater susceptibility to moisture loss and penetration of irritants. The skin can also be more susceptible to dryness and peeling.

 Susceptibility to allergies: People with sensitive skin are often more prone to skin allergies, especially to certain chemical ingredients, perfumes, conservatives, or dyes. Allergic reactions can occur, such as rashes, hives, or itching.

 Problems with the tolerance of certain substances: Sensitive skin can negatively react to different factors, such as harsh detergents, strong cleaners, irritations, UV rays, changes in temperature, environmental pollution, or stress.

 Prone to inflammation: Sensitive skin is extremely prone to inflammation, like rosacea, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, or atopic dermatitis.

 Reaction to environmental change: Sensitive skin can react to a change of environment, such as wind, cold, hot air, or dry air. These factors can cause dryness, irritation, and skin discomfort.

 Sensitive skin care needs a gentle approach as well as the use of delicate cosmetics and substances, which help strengthen the natural protective skin barrier. It is important to avoid potential irritating factors as well as regular moisturization and protection from the sun.

 In our offer, you will find creams as well as oils created in response to the needs of sensitive skin. For You, we have natural vegan cosmetics for:Mixed, couperose, oily, and sensitive skin.


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