How to protect the skin from the formation of discolorations

How to protect the skin from the formation of discolorations

To effectively protect the skin from the formation of discolorations, we need to incorporate several elements into our daily skincare routine:

• Ingredients that limit the penetration of UV radiation into deeper layers of the epidermis; • Substances that regulate the melanin formation process; • Ingredients that ensure the proper thickness and functionality of the epidermis by rebuilding the hydrolipid barrier; • Support for the microbiome, which is responsible for the well-being of our skin.

Daily use of Krayna products will support the skin's natural protection against the undesired effects of sunlight and reduce the formation of unwanted discolorations.

AY1 Cornflower will help even out the skin tone thanks to the presence of extracts from Kakadu plum and wheat germ, which reduce tyrosinase activity, thus affecting the melanogenesis process. The high content of vitamin C and other antioxidants promotes the breakdown of melanin clusters and the reduction of existing discolorations. Cornflower extract contains anthocyanins, which assist in this process. Meanwhile, turmeric root extract positively influences the skin's microbiome.

If your skin prefers AY2 Water Pepper, it's important to note the abundance of antioxidants in this cream that protect against excessive melanin production. These antioxidants are found in black seed oil, bird's-foot trefoil extract, and Kali Musli root extract. Additionally, pumpkin seed oil, a component of AY2, contains ferulic and caffeic acids, commonly used in cosmetology to reduce discolorations.

The connection between the development of excessive inflammation and the formation of pigmentation changes is increasingly emphasized. Intensified dilation of blood vessels leads to disruptions in skin nutrition and reconstruction, becoming the basis for the development of post-inflammatory discolorations. Therefore, skin protection against UV radiation is not only about strengthening the epidermal barrier but also ensuring the tightness of blood vessels in the dermis. For this purpose, let's use AY3 Chestnut - a soothing cream suitable for the most demanding skin. Escin and esculin from common horse chestnut seed extract have vaso-protective properties, sealing capillaries and improving skin nutrition and oxygenation. Moreover, small-leaved lime wood extract contains flavonoid compounds that protect vessels from excessive permeability and have anti-inflammatory effects.

An additional reinforcement of protective action against UV radiation can be achieved by using finishing care with Elementary Oil. UV-exposed skin experiences a reduction in collagen production and increased breakdown by enzymes called metalloproteinases. Elementary Oil contains a high amount of rosemary extract, which has been clinically proven to inhibit the activity of metalloproteinase 1. This extract may support the reduction of skin damage caused by sunlight. Additionally, the presence of potent antioxidants - vitamin E and resveratrol from grape seed oil - ensures protection against the degradation of capillaries.