Apple stem cells and active ingredients?

Apple stem cells and active ingredients?

The amazing connection between the regenerative potential of stem cells of the Swiss apple tree and the versatile action of radish root ferment ensures strong protection from aging. The serum shows anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, it works favorably for the microbiome.


Extracts from apple stem cells strengthen the skin's ability to regenerate and stop the effects of chronological aging by extending the life of skin stem cells. It helps renew the layers of the epidermis and dermis, because of which fine wrinkles are filled.


Fermented radish roots have anti-bacterial properties; they reduce the number of changes of inflammatory acne (papules, pustules) and non-inflammatory (blackheads). It is also an effective antioxidant – it neutralizes free radicals responsible for the quickening of the skin's aging process.


Sodium hyaluronate ensures that the skin has the correct amount of hydration and protects against excessive water loss. The natural oils from grape seeds, iron argan, and Californian simonsia (jojoba oil), have the effect of improving skin hydration and elasticity, and the polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in them rebuild the lipid barrier of the epidermis. The addition of butter from Shea Park (Shea butter) helps the production of collagen and is a natural sunscreen. Vitamin E is a strong anti-aging antioxidant, it positively influences the protective barrier of the skin, as well as limits the development of inflammations. Its anti-inflammatory effect is supported by the presence of prickly pear extract in the serum.


The richness of active substances in Krayna’s anti-aging serum makes it a universal skin care product because it satisfies all the needs of the skin:



Anti-aging effects on different levels,


Correct hydration and optimal level of lipids;


Reduction in inflammation and an increase in the regenerative potential,


Ensures a physiological state of the microbiome.